Board of Directors


Oleg Bess, MD - Chairman of the BOard

A global problem must be solved: homelessness. Given its persistence, it is time we hand it over to proven problem solvers.

In 1998, Dr. Oleg Bess saw another problem that required solving. He and his staff members each had a 4 inch-thick pile of test results on their desks. Many hours were spent looking for a needle in many haystacks when results were urgently needed. Dr. Bess eventually created 4medica, a visionary company that offered the first Internet-based application in healthcare for managing test results. Today, it saves nearly 40,000 physicians and hundreds of labs and hospitals countless hours in regained productivity.

Onto another problem. In 2005, Olympia Medical Center was in disrepair and on the verge of closing.  Dr. Bess and five other physicians purchased the hospital and made it a shining example of what a physician-owned facility should be. Today, it is an award-winning facility largely staffed with the same doctors who staff Cedars Sinai Medical Center. And Dr. Bess remains a practicing physician who serves as medical director for Women’s Center LA, where he performs complex gynecological surgeries, including robotic surgery.

Dr. Bess has set his sights on ending homelessness, beginning with the Golden Heart Village homeless recovery center. Given his track record, expect this project to help many thousands of people find their way home.

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Pastor Ted Stefan - member of the Board

Together with his wife Liza, Pastor Ted Stefan founded Golden Heart Center and authored two books, Lifting the Veil of Illusions and Mysteries of the Heart: A Roadmap to a Loving Relationship and a Happy Marriage.

For the past 25 years, working as a Life Coach and building on his foundation and vast experience as a Chronic Pain Specialist, Pastor Ted has developed an ‘emotional release’ healing technique which relies on the unification of the mind, body and spirit and was able to guide and assist many wonderful individuals to conquer stress, PTSD and overcome trauma.

As many in the Faith-based community, Pastor Ted did what he could to address the homeless crisis for years, but saw this issue blow out of proportion despite the efforts of many wonderful golden hearted Angelenos.  This is why Pastor Ted is thrilled to be a part of Golden Heart Village’s new and revolutionary way of addressing the homeless crisis.