...a think tank of experts who research, evaluate and implement the best practices to end homelessness.

-Dr. Oleg Bess, Chair of the board, Golden Heart Village


About Us

Ever since Golden Heart Spiritual Center was established back in 2006, the founders and Pastors Ted Stefan and Liza Glazer were passionately involved in charity causes and homeless outreach was their #1 priority.  With the homeless crisis rapidly escalating, they began collaborating with others who were unwilling to accept its victory over Angelinos.

Golden Heart Village organization was created to unite the Faith-based Community, Medical Professionals and Business Leaders who stand together to eradicate homelessness.  Golden Heart Village is tasked with assessing the art and science of homeless recovery and formulating the most innovative and proven strategies to help those experiencing homelessness.  Golden Heart Village is committed to sharing its findings with the rest of the world where such knowledge is applicable.

The first Golden Heart Village project is to create a recovery center for the most difficult segment of the homeless population - the chronically homeless.  This first recovery center will become a state-of-the art template for other organizations to easily replicate when eradicating homelessness in their own communities.


Our Mission

We develop and implement a road-map to systematically eradicate homelessness.


April 2017

Homelessness is the moral issue of our time.  We are not here to address homelessness... or manage homelessness... or reduce homelessness.... we are here to end homelessness once and for all.

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